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What we do

ESG Consulting is a management consultancy that works with businesses to bring their sustainability and environment, social and governance (ESG) programmes and efforts to life, to the enduring benefit of our clients.

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The old streets of Boston, designed when the US was a colony of Britain. Times change, sometimes with a war, but more often by evolution. This picture was taken when people used to take photos with pocket cameras, now the smartphone does it all. Each new generation picks what they admire from the work of their ancestors and rejects other things.

Constant questioning of the status quo and a willingness to explore new concepts will ensure companies stay ahead of the game on ESG issues.

Why ESG Consulting?

Every business needs a clear vision and programme for corporate sustainability, and there’s never a wrong time to start – or move from risk management to capitalizing on the opportunities of running a cleaner, more ethical and resilient business.

Often companies need high levels of expertise to formulate, integrate and pressure-test their sustainability strategy, but don’t need these skills for the years of implementation. This is a resource and an expertise challenge for many businesses. Companies need people with the experience and holistic knowledge of corporate sustainability in order to devise a strategy, but they don’t need this capability 24/7, once the sustainability machine is spinning.

ESG Consulting is the ideal partner for this journey, with our range of experienced consultants who are familiar with the sustainability route and have learned lessons on the way. Our work ranges from the big-ticket items, like integrating sustainability into a corporate strategy, to advising on stakeholder dialogue and supply chain sustainability in challenging countries and setting up sensible and business-oriented risk management approaches to doing business on sensitive projects and in sensitive countries.

We have a flexible approach and agree with the client how best to engage on projects and assignments. Consultants and experts from ESG Consulting can work alone - with minimal input from the client, as part of a client/ consultancy team or embedded for periods within a client’s business on an interim management basis.

In short – our clients get the playbook fast and can be confident that it’s been pressure-tested and is fit for purpose.

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