environment, social, governance and resilience

Every CEO wants more bangs for their bucks in today’s business world.  Add to this the expectations from stakeholders in civil society, investors, the media and employees, and the pressure for a business to be a good corporate citizen is unrelenting.

If Milton Friedman is to be believed, a CEO in the 1970s, just needed to know how to turn a profit.  Today, the CEO today needs to know how the UN Sustainability Development Goals relate to his or her organization - and turn a profit. They need to be confident talking about sustainability in their supply chain and know about their commitment to the UN Global Compact – and still turn a profit.

At ESG Consulting, we bring a deep understanding and wide experience of how to drive business benefits from these environment, social, governance and resilience challenges. It’s our daily work and our constant focus.


Everything in business is a financial risk or opportunity – including sustainability and environment, social and governance issues.

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